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Tactical Applications Group SPARTAN II (MTV)

My hard to find Tactical Applications Group SPARTAN II (MTV/Modular Tactical Vest). The SPARTAN II accepts Interceptor soft armor, SAPI/ESAPI plates and Interceptor accessories (yoke assembly, groin and throat protection).

The Spartan II goes on over the head and closes in the front via a cummerbund. It has a buckle on the back side of each shoulder which can be undone in order to get out of the vest quickly. It is also lined with a mesh material on the inside in order for the vest to breathe and keep the user a little cooler. The shoulder bolster attaches via velcro and can be moved to the left shoulder or be removed altogether. The shoulder bolster helps keep the butt stock of the shooters weapon from slipping off of the vest. There are also commo routing channels so the wearer can tuck away any loose communication wires so they do not hang off of the vest and get caught. The cummerbund is fully adjustable in the back by way of an elastic cord.

The Tactical Applications Group SPARTAN II is the basic design that the current Marine Corps Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) was modeled after.

  • Heavy Duty abrasion and water resistant Cordura┬« nylon construction.
  • Adjustable for height and girth.
  • Quick-release capability.
  • Quick attach/detach load carriage option.
  • Increased coverage, including lower back and kidney area, side torso and shoulder.
  • Integrated down armor for lower back/spine protection.
  • Provides additional side armor protection via cummerbund.
  • Integrated side armor plate pouches.
  • Integrated communication channels.
  • Rifle bolster allows for proper stock weld, can be used on either the right or left sides.
  • Improved closure strap system.
  • \"Component-compatible\" features that allow user to easily attach other load-bearing items such as packs or ammo.
  • Accepts 6\"x8\", 7\"x8\", and x-small SAPI side plates.
  • 2-point quick release system.
  • Multi-point adjustability.
  • Increased head dispersion and quick dry capability.
  • Exterior plate pockets.
  • 360┬░ MOLLE mounting surfaces.
  • Front Velcro panel for IR/ID patches.
  • Drag Handle.
  1. Side Opening Vest. At first glance you will notice that the MTV is a side opening vest. Your current issue OTV is a front opening vest. A side opening vest eliminates the chance of the vest falling open due to heavy loads carried on the vest in conjunction with worn out Velcro closures. The side opening vest also eliminates the possibility of a gap in armor coverage.
  2. Integrated/Adjustable Side Plate Pockets. You will also notice that the side plate pockets are integrated into the cummerbund so that they will not become separated from the vest. These pockets are also adjustable. After deciding the exact position for each Side SAPI pocket they can be attached in the desired location and secured with the strap sewn onto the cummerbund. This also provides a redundant system of keeping the pocket PERMANENTLY attached to the vest. Each pocket can be shifted from side to side and/or up and down. This enables the user to adjust the plate pouch to their needs.
  3. Quick Release Mechanism. The MTV is equipped with a quick release handle that enables the user to quickly doff the vest in an emergency situation. This quick release handle can be mounted on the left or right side and can be mounted at the top or the bottom of the cumberbund.
  4. Adjustable Shoulder Straps. The adjustable shoulder straps enable the user to manipulate the vest up or down based on user preference. This adjustment is limited due to optimal placement of the front and rear SAPI plates. Also each vest has a stop sewn into the shoulder strap. This stop prevents the Marine from over adjusting his/her vest and opening a gap in the soft armor.
  5. Increased Area of Coverage. If you will notice the new MTV has additional kidney/spine ballistic protection in the back of the vest. This additional protection significantly increases the area of coverage for the MTV versus the Outer Tactical Vest. This armor panel can be removed and the pocket stored when not in use.
  6. Communications routing channels. Located along the top and side edges of the external front and rear SAPI plate pockets, you will find these channels. They are intended to be utilized for concealing and routing any communication lines or other tubes or hoses that may be associated with equipment mounted on the MTV.

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