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- Level III SAPI Plates. Real Deal!


- Level III SAPI Plates. Real Deal!

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Level III SAPI Plates. Real Deal!

My real deal Level III SAPI Plates (two plates, size medium)

SAPI (Small Arms Protection Inserts) Plates or Ceramic plates (also known as trauma plates) are commonly used as inserts for soft body armour. Most SAPI plates used in the body armor industry can protect against a NIJ level III and IV with a IIIA vest supporting. SAPI plates are a form of composite armour. Insert plates may also be manufactured from steel.

The standard SAPI plate is made of 98% aluminum oxide (alumina), which is then bonded into aramid fiber. These plates are often worn by army personnel needing protection from heavy rifle fire. In Iraq, the type IIIA vest with the SAPI plate helps protect troops from small-arms fire to 7.62mm rifle bullets, like those commonly used with the Kalashnikov (AK-47). This thing is heavy alright :)

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