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- My Motorola SABER 1E


- My Motorola SABER 1E

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My Motorola SABER & SABER Handmics (remote speaker microphones).

The famous SABER 1E radio has been used by Military and Police for a long time. SABER offers exceptional power, durability and secure voice capabilities. SABER I is currently used by US special forces, Police, and SWAT teams.

SABER remote speaker microphones. Features include straight cord or coiled cord, PTT switch, back cover clip, Velcro patch, earphone jack and external antenna that provides additional antenna height for better radiation pattern.

This radio is capable of 24 channels by having two zones of 12 channels each. What is normally the Secure/Clear switch on top now selects between the two zones. The top escutcheon on one radio that I own has a single dot for zone 1 and two dots for zone 2. I have seen others that have an A or B on the top escutcheon.

You could also use the zone selector switch as a way to select Talk-Around or Direct for each repeater, simplex on the output frequency, by programming zone one with twelve repeaters and zone two with the matching talk-around frequency. This way if you're on any channel, a flip of the switch gives you talk-around.

In a Saber 1E secure radio you then have the option of slaving the secure transmit to specific modes so that you can still use the top switch to select zones, or assign the switch to secure/clear use and losing the second zone.

The IE also has the different front shield assembly. It includes a small memory board and connecting cable, like a display board for a Saber II or III. The part number for the front assembly should be NTN5686A. The radio's on-board memory is insufficient to accommodate 24 channels and needs the extra board.

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