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2. My Real Deal PACA & Inserts


2. My Real Deal PACA & Inserts

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A very hard to find PACA LowVis Body Armor (tan color) with Level III-A medium regular PACA BALCS inserts.

Level III-A medium regular PACA BALCS (Body Armor/Load Carriage System) inserts. Level III-A is the highest protection available for concealable, ballistic vests. Level III-A protects against most handguns and all the weapons from the previous three levels. These inserts are for any BALCS cut vest, like the CIRAS vest made by Eagle Industries, SPEAR vest by CERADYNE, Inc. and the Predator vest made by Paraclete.

I have seen alot of body armor and i have never seen a set of inserts that were so thin, and still rated III-A

Real deal PACA Low Visibility armor carrier for the BALCS, SPEARS, MBSS or CIRAS cut soft armor panels.

These concealable carriers are designed to carry the PACA IIIA SPR soft armor panels (for Eagle CIRAS). They will also accept SPEAR/BALCS cut soft armor panels. They are adjustable at the shoulders and at each side opening to give a wide variety of fitting options. Each side opening has three individual elastic straps for adjustments. These Low-Vis SPR Carriers have the added feature of an internal rifle plate suspension system. The front and rear sections will accept the corresponding SAPI sized plates.

It\'s more common for a Navy SEAL these days to wear a plate carrier w/ PACA LowVis.

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