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3e. US NAVY LPU-23 23A/P


3e. US NAVY LPU-23 23A/P

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Real US NAVY Automatic Inflator Life Preserver LPU-23 23A/P.

In the 1980s - 1990s, there were 2 main naval life preservers: the automatic LPU-23 and the manual LPU-21 [the current issue LP is the auto LPU-36 and manual LPU-34]. The LPU-23 and the LPU-21 look almost identical. Really, the only difference that can be noticed on the outside are yellow markings stating "ejection seat aircraft only" on the LPU-23.

The LPU-23 is for use on ejection seat aircraft and is equipped with "automatic inflators" that are activated by salt water. This is in case the pilot is unconscious or unable to inflate the life preserver.

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