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4. Real Eagle Industries Coyote Brown CIRAS



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My real Eagle Industries Maritime CIRAS in rare color, Yes! It’s Coyote Brown (CB) version for USMC (official USMC coyote brown color). Eagle does not sell coyote brown version in public, they just won't made it for commercial market. This is not Khaki, Coyote Tan or Camel Hair. This is the REAL DEAL USMC Coyote Brown (CB) used by USMC Marine Force Recon. This version is very-very-very hard to find. It’s ‘almost-impossible-to-get’ CIRAS vest to be exact.

Unlike buying CIRAS vest replica from Hongkong where you get all the pouches (9 pouches total), you have to buy one-by-one when it comes to the REAL THING (pouches are sold separately). You have to buy the vest first then the mag pouches, medic pouch, radio pouch, admin pouch and so on and so on. It's quite a challenge especially the coyote brown version. As you know, Eagle Industries only sell Khaki, Ranger Green, ACU, black & Olive Drab color commercially.

The Eagle Industries Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System (C.I.R.A.S.) is now the armor carrier of choice for USSOCOM (BALCS-R). The C.I.R.A.S. vest incorporates a single release cable (Patent Pending) that makes the assembly process easier than it's predecessors. There are two versions of the Eagle C.I.R.A.S. vest, the Maritime (CMS-MAR-CIRAS) and the Land version (CMS-MC-CIRAS).

The Eagle Industries Maritime CIRAS (CMS-MAR-CIRAS) is designed to allow the end user to rapidly jettison the armor platform. This aids in ease of use during WMD Decontamination, access to a wounded officer, as well as Maritime Operations.

CIRAS made by Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc.

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