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- TCI/Peltor Liberator Headset


- TCI/Peltor Liberator Headset

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TCI Liberator Headset / Peltor COMTAC with PTT & boom mic.

The latest SOCOM tactical Headset issued to all Special Operators that is made for use on military radios such as the MBITR, PRC-148, PRC-126, PRC-128, PRC-117, PRC-150, PRC-152, PSC-5D and ASIP. On the end of the PTT cable is a standard 6 pin Push on Mil Connector. This TCI Liberator Headset offers exceptional communication quality and electronic hearing protection during the most demanding circumstances. The ability to maintain peripheral hearing and amplify warning sounds are vital for any mission. TCI’s compression and noise gating systems attenuate dangerous sound levels automatically, while providing the ability to amplify ambient sounds up to seven time. Dual external microphones continually monitor ambient sounds and instantaneously provide hearing protection (NNR 20 dB) before potential hearing loss.

The Liberator headset is ideal for firefights, distractionary entries, training exercises and even Hunting and also allows the operator to maintain radio communication. Radio communications are never compromised even when harmful ambient sound levels engage the hearing protection component. The unique flexible phase and noise canceling boom microphone enhances communications during combat situations. This means adversarial gunfire will not be transmitted to other operators, whereby compromising situational awareness. In fact, left and right external microphones potentially increase an operator’s ability to isolate the source of the gunfire even better than the unprotected ear.

This headset system was designed to Mil-Spec standards and can be comfortably worn underthe ACH, MICH or PASGT style ballistic helmets. It does not interfere with weapon positioning since the flexible boom microphone. and adapters are vailable for military aviation systems (ICS), public safety radios, and an array of military field radios. . All Liberator headsets include single TCI Tactical Push-To-Talks (PTT’s) and come in the US Military Issue OD Green models.

Here is what the Manufacturer says about the head sets:

SINGLE-COMM VERSION - The Liberator (Single-Comm) is a digital tactical headset allowing an operator to interface, monitor and transmit on one radio... It was designed for Tactical Teams, Special Forces, TACP and JTAC operators to enhance communication reliability and capabilities for contemporary battle. TCI\'s systems enable total communication capabilities with clear and easily processed communications.

· Headset: TCI\'s Mounted MIL-SPEC boom microphone, single headset lead cable with NATO STD. connector
· PTT: One TCI Modified U-94 PTT with coiled interface cable for your Specified Radio (straight interface cables of various custom lengths also available)
· A TCI Tactical PTT is available also
· Integrated durability features according to MIL durability standards
· Low-profile Ear Cups
· OTH - Over-the-Head Suspension
· 600 hour battery life with (2) AAA batteries (included)
· Compatible with MICH, PASGT and other ballistic helmets
· Suitable for practically any tactical team because TCI will interface the Liberator for virtually any radio model or application
· Military Liberator models are compatible with low-impedance military aviation ICS
· Ideal for military field radios, including MBITR, PRC-117, PRC-150, PRC-152, PSC-5D, ASIP. Also compatible on a special order basis for ICOM and MOTOROLA radios (specialized connector charges apply)
· Provides the capability to maintain peripheral hearing and amplify potential danger signs and ambient audio clues from the environment
· Provides digital compression of hazardous sound levels for unmatched situational awareness with ambient sound clipping or cut-off. Dual external microphones continually process ambient sounds and instantaneously provide NNR 22 dB(A) hearing protection when ambient sound levels exceed 82 dB(A)

This model is made for RIGHT HANDED SHOOTERS as the Mic is on the Left side of the face.

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