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- MSA Sordin Ranger Dual Comm System


- MSA Sordin Ranger Dual Comm System

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MSA Sordin Ranger Dual Comm System with PTT & boom mic.

US Government Issue Ranger DUAL COMM Radio Communication Headset made by MSA/SORDIN. This new military headset is made by the famous MSA Corp and features the latest DUAL COMM (allows you to use TWO radios at the same time) and has the Push to Talk Switch to use BOTH Radios. MSA also sells adapters for the ICOM RADIO also. This Comes WITH Adapters for the Mil Radios to fit the PRC-148, 117 and all of the Sat-Com Radios. The DUAL Comms are the most RARE, as you merely fold the other comm cable under the headstrap when not in use. This allows you to talk on Ground to Ground and Ground to Air at the Same time. The Noise Reduction is a must for being around gun-shots and still hearing normal voices. The Rangers mere Tuck the other cord under the Camo Headset cover when they are using just one radio.

This model is made for RIGHT HANDED SHOOTERS as the Mic is on the Left side of the face.

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