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II Marine Expeditionary Force - SAGE


II Marine Expeditionary Force - SAGE

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More improved USMC II M.E.F. II Marine Expeditionary Force with flightsuit, CWU 27/P sage green. Special Operation Training Group.
Reference: HotToys action figure USMC II M.E.F.


Nomex Flightsuit/CWU-27/P sage green
Tan Gentex MICH Helmet. NSN: 8470-01-523-0071 & Norotos
Oakley SI (US Standard Issue) Assault A-Frame Ballistic Goggles with fan
Garmin Foretrex 101 Wristband GPS
Tan Oakley SI Assault Gloves

Eagle Industries CIRAS & Pouches all in Coyote Brown (CB) color:
Eagle Indst. Maritime CIRAS coyote brown (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS MP2/M4-4/45-FB1-MS aka the \"2 x 4\" (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Escape & Resistance (Belly Bag)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Admin Pouch w/Light (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS M-4 Triple Magazine Pouch (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS M-4 Single Mag Pouch (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS 100 round M60 Pouch (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS M9 Flat Style Double Magazine Pouch (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Medical Pouch (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Triple Flash Bang Pouch (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Single Fragmentation Grenade Carrier (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Radio Pouch/MBITR (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Modular Assault Pack (MAP) (CB)
Eagle Indst. MLCS Pop Flare Carrier/Down (CB)
Original CB Dump Pouch by CSM Tactical Gear NSN# 8465-01-535-6935

Tactical Tailor 75 Series MOLLE Hardcase khaki
SureFire Helmet Light HL1 (HL1-A-TN)
ITT IR Visual Signal beacon
Tactical Trauma Shear
IR Infrared Cyalume
ACU Camelbak Thermobak Hydration Systems inside the MAP
Original Skull patch on the MAP (as seen on \"inside the Green Berets\")
MK13 day/night flare
AN/PRC 148 with blade antenna
Blackhawk SERPA cQc 430504CT-R-USMC holster (coyote)
GEMTECH Tactical Retention Lanyards
Tan HATCH kneepad
USMC Belleville 550 ST (USMC CERTIFICATION NO. 150M22-000460-6-01)

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