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1a. My extremely rare AN/PRC-128


1a. My extremely rare AN/PRC-128

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My extremely rare AN/PRC-128 with the Low Band Blade Antenna. Do you have one of those 1:6 scale AN/PRC-128/126 for your HotToys? Well..this is the real deal! :)

The AN/PRC-128 radio is used primarily 2-way radio telephone communication among special force team members in the field. AN/PRC-128 Radio is currently used by US Army, USMC, US Navy SEALs, USAF CCT and other special forces.

The AN/PRC-128 is a short range, handheld tactical radio for use primarily by Air Force guards and special operations teams. AN/PRC-128 is a lightweight, militarized transceiver providing two-way, voice-communications. The radio covers the frequency range of 30-87.975 megahertz or 130 - 173.9875 Mhz depending on which RF module is installed. Its nominal range for reliable communications over rolling, slightly wooded terrain is 3,000 meters. The radio is capable of interoperating with the AN/VRC-12, AN/PRC-77, and SINCGARS families of radios in the VHF Low band fixed frequency mode.

AN/PRC-128 enables small unit leaders to adequately control the activities of subordinate elements in carrying out the unit\'s mission.

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