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5a. Spec Ops SPIE Extraction Harness


5a. Spec Ops SPIE Extraction Harness

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Hard to find SPIE Extraction Harness for Special Operations.

SOCOM FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System) SPIES (Special Patrol Infiltration Extraction System) Harness system. Harnesses like this are used by SOCOM (Special Operations Command), the 75th Ranger Recon., and the LRRS (Long Range Recon. Surveillance). The harness is worn under the equipment and used for small patrol insertion by helicopter to fast rope in, and for small patrol extraction.

A standard piece of gear used during SPIE operation. It is a rugged full body harness with a top carabineer that attaches to the helicopter extraction rope. Right picture shows a US Navy SEAL with SPIE harness.

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