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Name: Ogi Safargan
Born: Jakarta, 22 Dec 1979
Height 175cm, weight 75kg.
Occupation: Programme Component Officer for the UNFPA 7th Country Programme

I like to keep it secret with a lil lies both combination suit me fine, I honestly never been molested i join Blue Box, that group of ol' kinky folks instead for gettin some, i like military gears so much that i can hump one when i see one, im not in too much on expensive gears, damned you with all those AEGs (laughing envy..) we improvised for sure. Love to cruise in with Arnie my whiteyrhino Vitara. o by theway i like girls who likes my fart, so i have a master degree and speak Dutch een beetje so what?? heuhee... anyway: so you wanna be a frogman?? ckckckck.... Ga bersyukur kaliii kallian Manusiaaaa.. .??

Confession: I let God colored me with Black

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