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Age : Classified
Height : 167
Weight : 60
Occupation : College student, freelance designer, freelance vids clip producer, military reserve.
Spoke in : Indonesian, sundanese, a little bit javanese, pasif in English, Germany, looking for Slavia and Japs now.

Love military from a kiddo till now, ever entered Indonesia Air Force Fight Fighter Pilot recruitment but failed coz sum one injured my right eye accidentally with a sharp pencil, luckily i'm not blind just tear a little bit so have to use glasses, i was refused the offer to be the staff, see no fun in it! So i'm continue study in college and join the Military Reserve ( same as US ROTC )
I believe the existence of UFO, Lochness, Tunnel Time, etc...hey does any one ever went to Bermuda or Atlantis?? Never have problems with foods only if to hot / spicy. Why they called me Recon? Coz i love to check all information i get about military gears around the city.... ON FOOT !!! And no one believes that especially Andre. Eiger to seek young and grewn up female for boogey hohohohoo... ..always. .. ^___^

Was noch...umm ah enstchuldigung Sie, Ich fergesse.... .o ja... Itchy and Scratchy Show movie is the best.... Bang Bus nice, Mikes Apartment cool....

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