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Name: Muhammad Chandra Wijaya
Born: Jakarta , 20-Oct-1972
Weight: 64 kg, Height: 168 cm
Occupation: Technical Representative for Smith International, Inc. Smith Bits Division, Jakarta District , Indonesia .

Backgrounds: Born and grown up in Military family, spending 50% of my life moving from base to base following my father tour of duty. Watching Airborne operations, Artillery firing and Chopper riding are some of my childhood experienced. Too much reading military book and watching war movies, so I’m not too interesting in music and parties….huahahahhaha

Hobbies: Collecting military stuff starting with Book/magazine, toys and now real military gear….on past 4 years start to collect Airsoft guns and now it’s getting uncontrollable….

Best things in my life:

  • Have Great Family to support me….(That’s damn Sure…)
  • Married with my wife Selly…..(Thanks for your support honey….GOD bless you…!!)
  • Meet with BBT team……(Thanks for the fun and memory guys…!!)

Plans for 2008;
  • Inokatsu M60, M240, Deepfire M72, USMC LWH Helmet, CIRAS Eagle Industries, PVS-14, MBITR Radio, Satcom Radio, HGU-56 Chopper helmet…(Damn…the list keep going on…..!!!)
  • More Fun with BBT…..That’s for sure….!!!!

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