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Operation Saving Unicorns.


Operation Saving Unicorns.

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Warjunkies\' Operation Saving Unicorns. Sunday, November 8, 2009.
Powered by 18 Warjunkies Personnel. Photographed by Lucas Ony & Iin (WJ Department of Special Photographic Office).

The Regular Grunts (12 personnel) to save the 4 Unicorns (SEAL Team) in the Operation Saving Unicorns with the help of one CIA Opererator and one DEVGRU/SEAL Team Six, somewhere in Afghanistan.

The 12 Regular Grunts are: Fairchild, Chandra, Andre, Ade, Didit, Tam, Farid, Ogi, Lambok, Ullie, Ardi & Alif.
the 4 Unicorns (SEAL Team, SDV Team ONE - SDVT-1) are: Jos, Eko, Tommy & Eric
CIA Opererator: Mamad
DEVGRU/SEAL Team 6: Agus

Great video of Operation Saving Unicorns with great sound & special effects edited by Mirage Post >>>> WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

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